Hunger Brothers

About This Project

Genre: Documentary (in Development)

Estimated length: 55′ and 80′
Director/producer: Lucija Stojevic
Delegate producer: Noon Films SL
Estimated completion: 2018

Peter Perez (b 1936), known as Pepi embarks on a journey from his home in Vienna (Austria) to the village of Paterna de Rivera in Andalusia (Spain) to face true flamenco song: a music that causes him pain by awakening his childhood memories, and at the same time, relieves his internal suffering.


When he was a child during WWII, Pepi and his Sephardic Jewish family ended up in the Rivesaltes concentration camp in southern France. There, he was separated from his parents and placed with mostly Spanish Gypsy children in a barrack. The children would sing flamenco to communicate with their parents on the other side of the separation wall.


The musical association has created a deep emotional conflict in Pepi ever since. For most of his life he shut his feelings deep inside him, carrying the burden of trauma locked in and avoiding flamenco at all costs. But a key encounter with a half-Gypsy flamenco singer in the Spanish town of Paterna de Rivera sets Pepi off on a new discovery.


Hunger Brothers is an intimate film, spanning seven decades and three countries, about reexamining perspectives on life and about the power of music and friendship to transform.

Director/Producer: Lucija Stojevic

Co-producer (France): Nathalie Combe (Cosmographe Productions)

Production Coordinator: Sandra Olsina

Documentalist & Assistant Director: Lucia Sances

Director of Photography: Samuel Navarrete

Editing: Irene Coll

Peter Perez, a Viennese Jew, embarks on a journey to Andalusia (Spain) where flamenco song opens up childhood memories from the Rivesaltes concentration camp and makes Peter face and process the trauma of Holocaust survival alongside his Gitano "brothers."

Documentary, In Development